Ram - EP


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Recorded fully in my living room, a collection of songs (some older, some new) to hold you off until I make a full album. Give it a download, and give it to some friends!

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Thank you: Alison Aune, Jon Hinkel, Kjell Hinkel, Linnea Hinkel, Nichole Collette, Simon Hamel, Ashton George, The Person Reading This Right Now

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RAM - EP (2013)




released October 3, 2013


all rights reserved



LEIFHINKEL Duluth, Minnesota

A fellow human making music with his guitar and his voice.
Ch-ch-check it out.

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Track Name: Letters
I don't know what to tell you,
As I sit here in my room alone tonight.
So try to find some value
In the metaphors my mind decides to right.
I've witnessed a murder,
Not to say that I've come close to see it all
Until I live forever, I will find out when I go.

I'll run until that day
Comes too soon I've heard them say
Wait, to experience the never ending

World, I,
I'll tell you everything I know, why
I have reasons to wander my brain.
So trust me,
I'm ready,
I'm able to look inside my mind,
And I'm starting to make my peace here.

So I'll run until that day,
Comes to soon I've heard them say

I speak with letters,
That form words in my head, that form lovers.
I see with colors,
That form worlds, that form birds, that form
Myself and letters
I solemnly swear it,
It never gets better

I'll sleep, but first I will bring back the dead,
I'll eat, after I have fed all my new-found-friends
Who get to live again,
Who'll get another life until the end.
I'll keep, watching myself stumble out words,
As I greet the sleep, all of them,
They're my new-found-friends, who get to live again,
Who get another life until the end.
Track Name: Good Old Coat
I don’t drink
I don’t smoke
I don’t need that sweet old-
Coat won’t keep me warm
I got my blood to pump that core
Inside of everything
And as I sing
The words fall out
My body’s breathing

They speak of something
That I’ve never heard
And I start thinking
I know this
I know how this works,
But it’s all in my head
If you were to ask me
I’d stand there dumbfounded

Another day, another age
Another time and place,
The earth the same as how she was,
A few more fucks but that's because,
I think I'm one, I think I own
I think above the land, behold
The land has built my own from souls of centuries ago.
So, come out god and show me what you have done-
When I say god I mean earth, I mean everyone-
Take back the ocean and show me where I have lived
Or simply tell me how come.
I don't spit and I don't chew,
And I don't go with that fog, it's doomed
And built to fall,
When I can see truth lines the walls
So I'll grab that drink
And grab my smoke,
Rebuild with my sweet love,
And that good old coat

They speak of something
That I’ve never heard
And I start thinking
I know this
I know how this works,
But it’s all in my head
If you were to ask me
I’d stand there dumbfounded

And I will knock, knock at that door
And I will find out so much more

They speak of love, love, love.
Track Name: Recognition
I got places to go,
Got people to see,
And got nothing to do before I sleep, I got
Days to wait,
Got bills to pay,
And no one around except my babe
My life's alright- no
My life's great,
It's those days alone I can't take
I look at my own,
Look at my place,
Look at my life, and I give thanks

And I give my grace

I got nothing to do,
But got so much to see
I wonder how long till I find peace, I got
Days to wait,
And got shit to say
But I'm doing fine, just look at my babe,
Mt life's alright- no
My life's great
Taken by love's duet we make,
I look at my own,
Look at her face,
Look at my life, and I give thanks

Be still, and be happy
Know all is within thee
Don't let me go,
Cause through all, I am whole

I'm ready to go,
I'm beginning to see,
I'm ready to be all that I can be,
But I can wait,
I got friends to make,
And miles to go till the sky aches,
This place is alright
This place is not mine
This place has shown me one hell of a good time,
But I'll make amends,
And as I've said,
I'll look at my life, and I'll give my thanks again

And I'll give my grace to them

I'm so tried,
I know I got to get up
I desire some sludge from a two buck cup,
Now I'm wired, and ready to get back home
Work sucks,
I'd rather be at home
Or alone
Or anywhere else
I should be sharing the wealth of love

Be still and be happy
Know all is within thee
Don't let me go
Cause through all I am whole
Track Name: Calling
And she stood, basket in hand staring at
Woods as they stood, higher than planes above the
Path where she skipped, along the trees, her red coat dancing in the
Wind whistles cold, empty hollow, baring shelter from the
Rain came falling down,
That rain came right down

She'll find her way back home
Over fields she'll go

And he stood,
Such large eyes, such a big grin
The bladed wood,
Attached to a man came storming in with,
A heart of gold,
He cries victory, Red runs right home

And everyday's the same
So I try to find a way,
To change my age, to match my face-
It, she's now grown
And we tell stories of her past
The memories that last
Are those that aren't shown

And now she stands,
Basket in hand,
Staring at the woods,
And down the path that she once ran down,
And now she sings...

Can you hear me calling
(I can't hear what you're saying)
I'm standing strong but, the walls are bending
(Your mouth keeps talking)
Can you hold you're own in a house imploding
(I can't hear what you're saying)
Can you hear me calling
(My ears aren't listening)
Not really sure what I'm thinking,
Most of the time I'm sure that I'm thinking.
But mind will,
Feed me well,
And send me back home
Tell me I'm gold
Through me you'll show,
Cause through me you'll glow
Track Name: This Song Has A Name
If I can figure out how to focus,
I know, I'm sure I can own this
But I don't know what I'm dealing with,
And I don't even know what year it is
Away we go,
Look on the bright side, at least it never snows,
But I can't say the same for home.
Even though I know that home is in my bones.
I can own this,
Cause I know, I'm sure I can focus
But I think to much about my friends, I guess
I got to think about my interest and what's best,
Cause I control this,
And I know I'm unsure what my goal is,
No I don't got a plan at all.
I hope I get to where I'm going and that's all
If that's selfish,
Well I know that this life is priceless

As I sing this,
I hope that my body listens
Cause I control this,
So it's time I design it

Now here's the melody,
My gums are bleeding-
Sick revenge, from the pen I've been chewing,
As I bring you in to how I wrote this down,
Don't look for meaning, cause I'm just looking around
See, I got to focus
But my mind, gets tied up in hardships,
And other shit that seems to slow me down,
I got to keep my head up, and off the ground

I got problems,
And apparently the whole wide world has also got 'em-
But that's not my problem,
I'm lost,
Don't know where to begin,
I got these words in my head,
And got these strings on my fingertips,
What's wrong- nothing,
What's going on- in this life time that means something
Seems to me like nothing
Yeah, I'm golden
And don't got shit to do until those caps aren't frozen
And my home turns to ocean
Until then,
I'll just hang with my friends,
I'll search my soul till I'm dead,
And figure out how to bring and end
To work days- fuck 'em.
I get payed to count change and bullshit with humans.
Seems to be useless.

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