Get On The Move - EP


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A little one- it's been a little while.
Lots has happened since my last EP, and even more has yet to come. Here are some songs that I've played out and about, and now have a place to call home until an album comes. Whenever that may be.
I hope you enjoy.

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Thank you: Nikki, Rowan, Brian*, my whole family, and of course, you!

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- - - - - - - - - -

*special thanks: Sooo incredibly grateful for everything you have done. This wouldn't have happened without you (or not anytime soon, at least).


released June 10, 2016


all rights reserved



LEIFHINKEL Duluth, Minnesota

A fellow human making music with his guitar and his voice.
Ch-ch-check it out.

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Track Name: Recognition
I've got places to go
Got people to see
Got nothing to do before I sleep
I got days to wait
Got bills to pay
And no one around
Except my babe
My life's alright-
No, my life's great
It's those day's alone I can't take
Look at my own
I look at my place
and I look at my life
And I give thanks
And I give my grace

I got nothing to do
Got so much to see
I wonder how long till I find peace
I've got days to wait-
Got shit to say
But I'm doin fine,
Just look at my babe, my
Life's alright
No, my life's great
Takin' by love's duet we make
Look at my own,
I look at her face
I Look at my life
I give thanks

Be still and be happy
Know all is within thee
Don't let me go
Cause through all I am whole

I'm ready to go
And I'm beginning to see
I'm ready to be all that I can be, but
I can wait
I got friends to make
And got miles to go, untill the sky aces
This place is alright
This place is not mine
This place has shown me one hell of a good time
I'll make amends
And as I've said
I'll look at my life
And give my thanks again
I'll give my grace to them

I'm so tired
I know I got to get up
I desire,
Some sludge from a $2 cup
I'm wired, and ready to get back home
Cause works sucks,
I'd rather be at home
Or alone,
Or anywhere else
I should be sharing the wealth
Of love

Be still,
Be happy.
Track Name: IDK What To Say
I don't know what to say anymore
I feel like it's all been done before
Even the words I say
Some dumb cliche, I heard yesterday
I can't run anymore
Or maybe I can, but I choose to ignore
Cause I'd rather be doing something fun
In other words, dumb
In other words,
Anything but that Goddamn run
I'd rather be doing something fun

Times before,
Sculpted words and thoughts
To bring us there, in metaphors
With a simple chorus
To make us think of Love
I love
My Love

I don't think I'm okay anymore
I feel like I've lived this life before
Even the words I say
I swear to God
I said this shit yesterday
And I can't fly anymore
I know that I can
Cause I've done it before
Maybe I'm making this up in my head,
I could care less
Cause I know that I'll break down
If I find out how
The Earth keeps spinning around the Sun
Regardless of who I become
So I'll calm down

Times before,
Sculpted words and thoughts
To bring us there in metaphors
With a simple chorus to make us think of Love
I love
My Love

So here's those same two chords again
I'll go home, and I'll get stoned again
I found a million ways
To spend my days
But I've forgotten them
And I'll break down
If I find out how
The Earth keeps spinning around the Sun
Regardless of who I become
So I'll calm down
Track Name: Street Shoes
Listening to instrumentals lately
I guess I'm not diggin'
What those other folks are saying
Just a lot of dumb songs
About some girl
Well I'm young, and in love,
And it's time to get real
Like, this is for real
Today I woke up
And I kissed the sky
I'm talking,
That's how high I got my mind's third eye
Just trying to reach some peace
Within a time frame
So I can skate by
And get to work on the same day
I was the sky, but the sky caught on fire
Tore up the roads,
Burned the telephone wires
I killed a friend or left him stranded
He kept the ashes
I'll make my own matches

Check these slick, new shoes
I'll go downtown
I'll walk around
I'll let everybody know that I'm cool
And check this slick, new groove
I get around in these old street shoes

And I never want to see your face again
Ah shit, nah. I'm just kidding, man
I just got a lot on my mind
Just trying to do what's right
Most of the time
And I swear
I've never been mad at ya,
I could be jealous,
That's just human nature
Confined with no savior
So I'll confide in my papers
And get on the move
And if you're wondering
How i've been
I've never know better
So fuck never,
And get better, to get clever
And find pleasure
And get on the move

Well, I'm lost
Coming through backwards
Critiquing my own words
And I'm stuck
Conversing with actors
And none of this matters
I got a pretty good feeling
Most these folks are dreaming
Cause I've heard all of their talking
And nobody's listening

So lets get out before the day begins
And we'll skip all that bullshit
We'll get back on that move again
And skip all that bullshit-
It's bullshit.

Check these slick, new shoes that groooove.
Track Name: Pt. II
I don't know what I've been thinking lately
I know I've been thinking to crazy shit, daily
And I don't know what to make of it
Is it all in my head, or should I just forget it
Like, maybe something I should know
Like, Something somebody somewhere
Once told me
Not in this body
My memory's foggy about the specifics
Like, what if we all go
Back to sticks and stones
Back to bear skin clothes
There's a part of me that kinda hopes so
And there's a part of me that kinda thinks
That we're supposed to
And I know what I've been eating daily
I got go GMO's in my food as of lately
Well, shit. I forgot that.
But I'll come back to the Earth, I'll return to the planet
I got a plan with my girl, we can handle it
And if something comes up, yeah we'll manage it
Or whatever you call it,
I only got a couple of bucks in my wallet
I've been told it's the thought that counts, right?
Well I spend a lot of time thinking. I guess,
I've always known what's best
For my life
She'll be my wife
And all will be right.

I found out we're in trouble
And it's just the type I can handle
So allow me to be able
I'll come back and heal that feeling

Well, I got some plans that need some focus
And my mind goes on trips that require no compass
And I'll pack steal with my flint and knife
Incase I get lost, and I press on through the night
I got my mind made up
I think it's all made up
I'm not sure what to believe in
I got a good girl, and a couple good feelings
I'm working to form my own theories
I'm working to escape these buildings
I just want to go outside
And that it.
I'm on that road to Mars
To find that home of ours
Fly past the closest star
To find out where we are
I got skill, but no cigar
I'll work on my guitar
I found a world not to far away
To get away from here

I know what to think and do
I hope I know what I'm supposed to
Sit still, breathe the breeze and
Let your lungs fill, and ground you
I've been working on this forever
I've been singing these songs whenever
I've been thinking of you

I can handle this daaang trouble.

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